A unique approach in regulatory strategy and an unprecedented time to market.

What we do

Sales, marketing and distribution
Umsebe Healthcare partners with a logistics provider for specialised distribution in support of niche medicine supply to the private sector hospital network throughout South Africa and a small sales and marketing team providing an undiluted focus but nationwide coverage on addressing rare diseases and unmet medical needs.
Management and Resourcing
Umsebe Healthcare works hand-in-hand with ‘sister-company’ KD CONSULTING PHARMACEUTICAL SOLUTIONS, a specialised Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems focused consulting practice, in the provision of full regulatory support of the regulatory affairs function and support of the Quality Assurance functions of the company.
Medicine and Medical Device Registration and Early Market Access
Umsebe Healthcare, provides expert regulatory services in the areas of medicine and medical device registration and regulatory market access strategy to enable the quickest regulatory route to market, via a sound, robust scientific basis for registration and a quality-assured submission dossier.
Umsebe Healthcare is fully licensed as a manufacturer, importer and exporter in South Africa and performs medicine and combination medicine-medical device distribution in niche markets under agreement with international suppliers as part of a vested long term partnership agreement.

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