Management and Resourcing

Umsebe Healthcare is directly managed by both founding members who remain actively involved in the business, and the company works hand-in-hand with ‘sister-company’ KD CONSULTING PHARMACEUTICAL SOLUTIONS, a specialised Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems focused consulting practice, in the provision of full regulatory support of the regulatory affairs function and support of the Quality Assurance functions of the company. KD Consulting is a prominent player in the regulatory and quality services consulting sector with 12 years of experience within the consulting arena, consulting to multiple pharmaceutical industry clients with a strong track record of successful, high quality scientific filings, and is supported extensively by the ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from its multinational pharmaceutical and medical device company client base.

KD Consulting is an active and participative member of various industry bodies, including but not limited to the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA), the South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry (SAAPI), the South Africa Medical Device Association (SAMED), the Health Products Association (HPA) and the South African Animal Health Association (SAAHA). Umsebe Healthcare is adequately technically and scientifically resourced by the highly skilled team at KD CONSULTING PHARMACEUTICAL SOLUTIONS, wherein the varying resource demands that Umsebe Healthcare may experience can be adequately supplied in accordance with need.