Sales, marketing and distribution

Umsebe Healthcare is a level 1 contributor in respect of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa, and may not only offer advantageous registration timelines as the SAHPRA uses this criteria as a tool to aid industry transformation going forward, but can and shall offer significant leverage for selective procurement by both in the national state healthcare system and in the private healthcare sector. Umsebe confers the advantages of preferential procurement to all its supply partners, affording compound value in the engagement. Umsebe Healthcare partners with a third party logistics provider for specialised distribution infrastructure in support of niche medicine supply to the private sector hospital network throughout South Africa, but is equally geared and ready for an upscale in distribution volume and intensity. The Umsebe team is supported by a small core sales and marketing team, providing an undiluted focus but nationwide coverage on addressing rare diseases and unmet medical needs.