Umsebe Healthcare

Umsebe Healthcare is a manufacturer, importer, distributor and exporter of medicines in South Africa, with a focus on niche sector products addressing unmet medical needs in our society, as well as issues that threaten the security of supply, and hence access to medicines.

“Umsebe” translates into “Ray of light” in the indigenous language of Zulu, and was conceptualised as a ray of light in our healthcare delivery system, and was formed at a time when one of the two founding members of the company fought alongside her terminally ill child, and sadly lost the dreaded battle against cancer.

The provision of treatment for unmet medical needs became an unequivocal focal area for the organisation.
Dineshree NaikerManaging Director (B.Pharm)

Kacy RajappenRegulatory and Quality Director / Responsible Pharmacist (B.Pharm)

Umsebe Healthcare is a proud member of the South African Medical Technology Industry Association (SAMED)